R10-Open 12T Goods Truck-1

R10-Open 12T Goods Truck-2 (Boxed)

R11-14-Insulfish Van-1

R11A-Goods Van-1 (Boxed)

R120-B.R. Suburban Brake 2nd Coach-1 (Boxed)

R127-Crane Truck-1 (Boxed)

R128-Operating Helicopter Car-1 (Boxed)

R135-Operating Ore Wagon Set-1 (Boxed)

R138-Snow Plough-1 (Boxed)

R152-Class 08 Diesel Shunter-1 (Boxed)

R15-United Dairies Milk Tank Wagon-1

R16A-Guards Van (Damaged)-1

R16A-Guards Van-1

R16A-Guards Van-2

R17c-Flat Wagon with Car Load-1 (Boxed)

R17c-Flat Wagon with Car Load-2 (Boxed)

R180-Empty Box-1

R18-Cable Drum Wagon-1 (Boxed)

R206-Empty Box-1

R210-Shell - B.P. Fuel Oil Tank Wagon-1 (Boxed)

R215-Grain Wagon-1 (Boxed)

R219-Bogie Brick Wagon-1

R243-Mineral Wagon-1 (Boxed)

R243-Mineral Wagon-2 (Boxed)

R249-Exploding Car-1 (Boxed)

R263-Empty Box-1

R28-B.R. Main Line Brake 2nd Coach-1 (Boxed)

R28-B.R. Main Line Brake 2nd Coach-2 (Boxed)

R30-Princess Victoria Tender-1 (Boxed)

R340-B.R. 3 Container Wagon-1

R342-Car Transpoprter-1

R343-4-Rocket Launcher-1 (Boxed)

R344-Track Cleaning Car-1 (Boxed)

R347-Eng. Dept. Wagon-1 (Boxed)

R349-Bogie Chlorine Tank Wagon-1 (Boxed)

R417-Empty Box-1

R426-Pullman Parlour Car-1 (Boxed)

R426-Pullman Parlour Car-2 (Boxed)

R457-Set of Inclined Piers-Brown-1

R457-Set of Inclined Piers-Brown-2

R465-Station Platform Steps-1

R471-Platform Wall-1

R50-Princess Victoria Loco-1 (Boxed)

R52-Class 3F Tank Loco-1

R561-Triang Container Wagon-1 (Boxed)

R562-Plane Launching Car-1 (Boxed)

R568-Assault Tank Transporter-1

R602-Operating Mail Coach Set-1

R633-Liner Train Wagon with 3 Containers-1 (Boxed)

R633-Liner Train Wagon with 3 Containers-2 (Boxed)

R645-Freighliner Set (No Loco)-1 (Boxed)

R80-Empty Box-1

R-NoID-Empty Box-1

RS52-The Blue Pullman-1 (Boxed)